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CV Tips

1) Tailor your CV
Avoid sending out hundreds of copies of the same CV to any old employer. Research the company and work out exactly what skills you should be highlighting to them. Take time to tailor your CV, employers will appreciate the effort.

2) Proof read again and once more for luck
We cannot stress enough how important this is to a successful CV. Some applications are rejected because of this point alone. Remember if you are hired you will be representing that company. So make sure they know you will do them proud. A fresh pair of eyes can really help spot the errors you have missed.

3) Make it look good
Take some time to spruce it up, use bullet points for lists, keep the sentences short and keep it uncluttered. On the technical side, stick to one of the traditional font styles and keep within 10-12 font size for your body text with your headings a little larger.

4) Make yourself easy to contact
This may seem obvious but you will be surprised how often this mistake is made. Include all of your contact details on every page just in case your CV gets split up. Include your name, address, telephone numbers and email along with anything else you think may help.

5) Tell the truth
Lies on your CV are a big 'no no' and can cause you a lot of trouble further down the line. The last thing you want is to lose the job you've worked so hard for because you weren't honest when applying. Instead, give yourself the edge by highlighting your true skills and abilities.