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Cover Letter Tips

When looking for work, a good cover letter is just as important as a CV – especially as most employers spend only approximately 1 minute glancing over each application. Here are some tips to really help your cover letter stand out:

1) Don’t repeat your CV
Make sure your cover letter stands apart from your CV. Use it to highlight the key points and to show personality, curiosity and an interest in the field you are applying for.

2) Keep it short
A well written letter should draw the reader's eye to relevant experience on your CV. Skip lengthy exposition and jump into something attention-grabbing.

3) Research the company and role you are applying for
We cannot stress enough the importance of carrying out research. This will demonstrate your passion for the company and will give you an insight into how you can add value to the role you are applying for.

4) Reflect your personality
Ensure the letter shows how motivated you are. Don't just copy and paste from your CV, instead use your cover letter to highlight your enthusiasm. Remember a cover letter is basically a sales letter to motivate the invitation for an interview, so show how your personality and drive can add value to the position.

5) Have a strong conclusion
End on a positive note by quickly explaining how your experience will help you at the job, how you would welcome the chance to meet the people you are applying to and discuss your suitability in more detail.

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